the devils in the details....

lifes more interesting when you take a closer look at the details.

i'm a women out to find the world.

Jan 5

Jul 23

May 26


Why is it that months later it still hurts? And why do I realize that the fb me isn’t the me I am it’s the me I’m supposed to be according to other people? It’s all I can do not to break into alligator tears over something I can’t change over actions which were not my own. When I fall I fall hard. And when I realize heartbreak and I’m in a place where hugs don’t happen, i feel so alone. I’m surrounded by thousands of people. I can’t gay a simple hug. Truly a most painful tourture.

May 23

May 18

May 8


le sigh.

when you realize that you’re personality is contrary to everyone around you, you kinda feel like you’re on an island alone.

an island whith a lot of people on it. ugg…

May 7

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